Magnetorheologic Suspensions

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The simplest traditional ferrofluid-based seals construction consists of a ring permanent magnet 4 and two poles 1 on working surfaces of which circular teeth are located. Magnetic flow excited by the magnet 4, hold ferrofluid 3 in the working gap between fixed poles 1 and moving shaft 2, ensuring its hermetic sealing in relation to the fixed casing 5. Static gaps are sealed with fillers 6.
Ferrofluid-based seals manufactured by FerroLabs, Inc. offer a number of advantages in comparison to conventional seals:
  • ensure absolute hermeticity, including in corrosive, toxic, and hazardous substance environments (helium leakage less than 10-12 mPa/s);
  • endure significant pressure fluctuations (up to 10 atm) both in static and dynamic modes while intrinsic friction losses remain small;
  • high reliability with an operating life up to 15 years;
  • have simple configuration and are easy to manufacture;
  • FFS for shafts with small and large shaft diameters are manufactured according to the special request with respect to the technical requirements of the customer.
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