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The company’s headquarters is located in Dulles, VA. FerroLabs, Inc.’s factory, which develops and manufactures ferrofluids and ferrofluid-based devices, is located in Ivanovo, Russia, a city 300km southeast of Moscow.
Another FerroLabs, Inc.’s division, which has production line and specializes in the development and manufacturing of precise mechanics products, electronics equipment and provides quick prototyping services, is located in Berdsk (Novosibirsk region). In the course of its operation the division has the opportunity to use the huge production and research capabilities of scientific centre of Novosibirsk — Akademgorodok.
The core of FerroLabs, Inc.’ team consists of highly skilled professionals: scientists and engineers working on research and development of ferrofluids and ferrofluid-based seals for over 30 years. Thus, our specialists possess comprehensive knowledge and great experience and have a high analytical and practical potential for research and development, as well as for manufacturing ferrofluids and ferrofluid-based seals with an application in many fields.
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