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FerroLabs, Inc. has its own factory for producing:
  • ferrofluids;
  • FFS and other devices.
as well as own research labs for:
  • researching FF technology;
  • researching FF;
  • researching FFS and other devices;
  • quality control.

The equipment of FerroLabs, Inc. labs and plants allows initial check of material, operating conditions, and quality factor at any stage. It also allows researching ferrofluids and developing new ferrofluid-based devices.
FerroLabs, Inc. has some know-how and originally-designed equipment for evaluating colloidal stability of ferrofluid in strong and non-uniform magnetic fields which allow ferrofluids diagnostics under force action of non-uniform magnetic fields 200…16000 time as strong as gravitational field.
Such methods and devices have helped to optimize synthesis technology and produce high-quality, high-performance ferrofluids for devices that use strong and non-uniform magnetic fields, as well as organizing multi-step incoming inspection that shut out a possibility of getting defective products to the customer.
FerroLabs, Inc. laboratories are equipped with test benches for lasting trials of ferrofluid in various device models, both in normal and extreme conditions. These instruments also perform working parameter change control over time. They are used in the process of development of new ferrofluids and FFS, as well as in manufacturing — for quality control of the test and off-the-shelf products. Special accelerated tests for FF and FFS allow projecting their productivity for up to 15 years, basing on trial results.
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